NEW "60/30" 90-Hour Prelicense Course  
Just 6 Days of Class Attendance, Monday – Saturday
& 30 hours of Home Study
AAOHI Other Schools LIVE 6 day, 60 hour (Monday-Saturday) of Classroom Instruction by an Experiendced Instructor to Answer Your Questions, Not DVDs.
AAOHI Other Schools 30 hour Correspondence with more National Home Inspection Exam Manaual chapter assignments, plus TN License Home Inspection Law.
AAOHI Other Schools On-Site Home Inspections with an Instructor.
AAOHI Other Schools Inspection Reports You Fill Out Under the Supervision of a Licensed Home Inspector.
AAOHI Other Schools Knoxville, Nashville-Elm Hill Pike, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro Training Center Schedules.
AAOHI Other Schools FREE One on One Consultation.  After You're Licensed You are Bound to have some Questions and AAOHI Want to Answer Them.  So After Completing the 90 Hour Prelicense Course and Passing Your TN License Exam, AAOHI Offers You Three Free Hours of One on One Time to Ask Our Senior Instructor Any Questions After You are Licensed.  Any Consultation Time over the First FREE Three hours is Billed at $70 per Hour.
AAOHI Other Schools Teaches TN Home Inspection License Law.
AAOHI Other Schools Flex Plan Payment Option.
AAOHI’s Innovative “60/30”, 90-Hour Prelicense course is composed of two sections, 60 hours of classroom instruction and 30 hours of home study/book correspondence study.
  • 60- Hour Section, 6 days of class Monday through Saturday, covers the technical skills of home inspection taught by an approved, professional and experienced home inspector. In the 6 days, there are onsite field inspections for students to apply the skills learned in class to actual home inspections under the supervision of the AAOHI instructor.

  • 30-Hour Section is a home study or book correspondence format so the student can study the material on his or her schedule with no missed work and no travel, motel or other expenses. The student will learn more about the Tennessee Home Inspection Licensing Act of 2005.

  • In addition, the student will study additional chapters in National Home Inspection Exam, Home Inspection Manual, distributed in the in-class Part A section of the course. These additional chapters include:
    • Kitchen Appliances
    • Swimming Pools and Spas
    • Landscape and Irrigation systems
    • Analysis and Reporting of Findings
    • Inspection Business Operation
After completing the final examinations for both sections, the student is awarded 90 hours of Prelicense credit and is then eligible to apply for the Tennessee home inspection license examination with ONLY 6 days in class. It’s a win/win combination.
Course fee: $1,975 now $1597 prepaid.
$1,697 day of class.
$799 for 60 Hour Part A:
$399 for30 Hour Part B:
$399 for Course Completion Credit to Apply for License Exam
Month Dates (Mon. - Sat.) City
Course Dates for 2018
February February 26 - March 3 Knoxville
May May 29 - June 3* Nashville
August August 6 - 11 Knoxville
October October 22 - 27 Chattanooga
*Note: Tuesday - Sunday (Monday is Memorial Day)

Course fee includes the following:

  • National Home Inspection Exam, Home Inspection Manual, 2015 by Bruce Barker, over 650 pages!
  • National Home Inspection Exam, Exam Study Guide, 2015.
  • Field Home Inspections under the supervision of the AAOHI instructor.
  • Home inspection forms for field home inspections
  • In class instructor review of completed home inspection forms
  • Class notebook with over 300 pages of illustrations coordinated with the in-class PowerPoint presentation.
  • Handouts and other study materials
  • Administration and grading of in class 60 hour section and administration and grading of the 30 hour home study final examination.
  • Copy of the “Tennessee Home Inspection Licensing Act of 2005”
  • Credit letter to apply for the Tennessee home inspection licensing examination
  • Course certificate
  • Record Keeping
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